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Film and Foil Capacitors with Mixed Dielectric
for Pulse Applications in PCM 2.5 mm

Special Features

Pulse duty construction
PCM 2.5 mm
Constant capacitance value versus

temperature (similar to the obsolete

Low dissipation factor
According to RoHS 2002/95/EC

Typical Applications
For general DC-applications requiring a high capacitance stability versus temperature e.g.
Automotive electronics
Mixed film
Capacitor electrodes:
Metal foil
Internal construction:
Construction WIMA FKM 02
Solvent-resistant, flame-retardent plastic case with epoxy resin seal, UL 94 V-0.
Tinned wire
Colour: Red. Marking: Gold. Epoxy resin seal: Yellow.
Electrical Data
Capacitance range:
1000 pF to 6800 pF (E12-values on request)
Rated voltages:
63VDC, 100VDC, 250VDC, 400VDC
Capacitance tolerances:
±20%, ±10%, ±5%
Operating temperature range:
-55°C to +100°C
Climatic test category:
55/100/21 in accordance with IEC
Insulation resistance
at +20°C:
> 5 x 105 M (mean value: 1 x 106 M)
Measuring voltage:
Ur = 63V: Utest = 50 V/1 min.
Ur > 100V: Utest = 100 V/1 min.
Test voltage: 2 Ur, 2 sec
Dissipation factors at +20°C: tan
at f C < 6800 pF
< 3 x 10-3
< 5 x 10-3
8 x 10-3
Maximum pulse rise time:
1000 V/µsec for pulses equal to the rated voltage
Capacitance change versus temperature (f = 1kHz) (general guide)
Voltage derating:
A voltage derating factor of 1.35% per K must be applied from +85°C for DC voltages and from +75°C for AC voltages.
Operational life > 300000 hours
Failure rate < 5 fit (0.5 x Ur and 40°C)


Mechanical Tests   Packing
Pull test on leads:
10 N in direction of leads according to IEC 60068-2-21.
6 hours at 10...2000Hz and 0.75mm displacement amplitude or 10g in accordance with IEC 60068-2-6
Low air density:
1kPa = 10 mbar in accordance with IEC 60068-2-13
Bump test:
4000 bumps at 390 m/sec2 in accordance with IEC 60068-2-29.
  Available taped and reeled.

Detailed taping information:

Example for ordering / Part number:


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