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Construction of Plastic Film Capacitors 
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Marking of WIMA Capacitors

SMD Capacitors


Marking of WIMA SMD capacitors was gradually ceased as of July 2003. Identification is possible by the labelling of packages and delivery notes respectively.



Through-Hole Capacitors


In general, WIMA through-hole capacitors are marked on the front side of the box in plain text with brand name, capacitor series, capacitance, nominal voltage, date code and tolerance. Capacitors with PCM smaller than 15 mm will have the tolerance indicated on the reverse. Standard tolerance 20% is not marked.

PCM 2.5mm and
PCM 5mm film/foil
PCM 5mm metallized *  
PCM 7.5 and 10mm  
PCM 15 through 37.5mm  

The series name MKS 2, FKP 3 etc. is composed as follows:


The first letter indicates the type of construction


"M" = metallized construction
"F" = film/foil construction (brands of other manufacturers are missing this letter)


The second letter "K" stands for plastic film capacitors.


The third letter indicates the dielectric film used


"S" = Polyester / PET (other manufacturers are using "T")
"M" = Mixed Dielectric
"P" = Polypropylene / PP


The numbers following are WIMA-specific markings.


Metallized paper capacitors are marked with "MP".


The cases of 2.5 mm and 5 mm capacitors are too small to imprint with the series type (i.e. MKS 2, FKS 2 etc.). Instead, these capacitors must be identified by different colours of the marking inks and epoxy fill.


PCM 2.5 mm Case Marking Example Notice
FKS 02 Red Blue Yellow epoxy fill
FKM 02 Red Gold Yellow epoxy fill
FKP 02 Red Black Yellow epoxy fill
MKS 02 Red Silver Yellow epoxy fill
PCM 5 mm Case Marking Example Notice
FKS 2 Red Silver Yellow epoxy fill
FKM 2 Red Gold Yellow epoxy fill
FKP 2 Red Black Yellow epoxy fill



Red Silver/White* Red epoxy fill
MKM 2 Red Gold/Green* Red epoxy fill
MKP 2 Red Black* Red epoxy fill
MKI 2 Red White* Red epoxy fill
* As of September 2005 WIMA changes step by step the metallized capacitors in PCM 5 mm to top marking. Following series are concerned:

WIMA MKS 2: (Marking White)
WIMA MKM 2: (Marking Green)
WIMA MKP 2: (Marking Black)
WIMA MKI 2 (Marking White)