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WIMA RFI Capacitors with High Corona Inception Voltage

WIMA MKP-X2 R series capacitors are suitable for demanding AC voltage circuits e.g. where voltage is supplied via a capacitor power supply (the capacitor is switched in series to the load circuit as a low-loss series impedance). Due to their internal serie connection the capacitors exhibit an about 1.5 to twice as high corona inception voltage and thus higher rated AC voltage values than comparable components without series connection. WIMA MKP-X2 R capacitors are available with extended capacitance values up to 10 µF and a rated voltage of 400 VAC.

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Based on their internal construction and their non-polarized connection configuration WIMA DC-LINK HC capacitors can be connected in three different switching options. One individual capacitor can for example be connected as one 4500 µF/400 VDC, as two 2250 µF/400 VDC or alternatively as one 1125 µF/800 VDC component. The new WIMA range is used in intermediate circuit applications of power electronics, e.g. converters, and stands out by its high rated voltage per component, low dissipation factor (ESR) and very high insulation resistance. In case of breakdown the capacitors self-heal entirely and exhibit a high life time expectation.

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WIMA SuperCap Modules

WIMA SuperCap Double-Layer Capacitors are now also available as cascaded and balanced modules with capacitances up to 200 F or with nominal voltages up to 28 VDC. When properly treated WIMA SuperCaps have a service life beyond 10 years and can easily sustain more than 500,000 charge/discharge cycles. The efficiency is far higher than 90%. In comparison with other energy storage solutions WIMA SuperCaps stand out for maintenance-free operation, high life expectancy and comparatively low weight. Therefore they are virtually predestined for applications in isolated systems e.g. in inaccessible areas.

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WIMA Double-Layer Capacitors in
Cylindrical Metal Case

The new WIMA SuperCaps "C" series is currently available in capacitances of 110, 200, 600 and 1200 Farad (prototypes up to 10000 F), and thus completes the existing range of WIMA Double- Layer Capacitors with rectangular casing and beyond that offers a convenient substitution option for brands of other manufacturers. The WIMA SuperCap C is outstandingly suitable for energy storage applications where high loads need to be discharged and/or charged at a very short time. To achieve the corresponding operating voltage needed by the application SuperCaps are cascaded in so-called modules. Contrary to conventional energy storage on battery basis the charged energy can at any time be safely retrieved from the SuperCap module without any risk of a sudden voltage breakdown.

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Intermediate Circuit Capacitors

WIMA DC-LINK MKP capacitors are especially designed for applications in high power converter technology where due to increasing electrical requirements they are more and more substituting electrolytic capacitors. Manufactured with a low loss polypropylene dielectric they show a higher current carrying capability as well as lower dissipation/self-heating at high frequencies compared to electrolytic capacitors.

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Small in Size, high in Capacitance

WIMA MKS 2-XL capacitors are made of plastic film which is 60 times thinner than human hair. This results in components with extremely high capacitance values in comparatively small cases. Values up to 22 F so far requiring a PCM of 27.5 mm are now available in PCM 5 mm. With the new values the highest available capacitance in PCM 5 mm could be more than doubled.

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WIMA Double-Layer Capacitors with very High

The Double-Layer Capacitors developed by WIMA are storage capacitors with highest capacitance values in the Farad range. They are among others suited to serve as batteries, can deliver considerably higher currents for a short time, however, and are maintenance free.

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Is the Film Capacitor a Discontinued Model?

Is the film capacitor in the process of becoming a victim of technical progress or is it a case of a passive electronic component which, when considered superficially, just runs the risk of being underestimated more easily than others, but nevertheless still holds potential for the future. This topic is to be treated in the following text from the point of view of a film capacitor specialist.

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