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WIMA Philosophy

Overall goal of WIMA Group is highest quality and total customer satisfaction. It is reached by our own performance covering:

  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Delivery Reliability
  • Cost Effectiveness

The outstanding reputation WIMA enjoys already for a long time in the electronics market is result of a consequent and permanent process of improvement.


As a capacitor specialist with headquarter and production in Germany the competitiveness against multinational conglomerates can only be sustained if the advantage of a lean and flexible organisation is combined with excellence in technical innovation, productivity and customer orientation.
WIMA is an example of such a combination offering more than 10.000 products for all customer needs with regard to film capacitors, paper capacitors and supercaps.


The increasing tendency away from the pure “low-price-philosophy” is primarily due to the customer’s desire for further improvement of his own product quality. Another aspect is the necessity to achieve a synergetic reduction in “grey costs” caused by repairs and line stoppages.

Historical Production

The photo on the right shows the historical WIMA production facilities end of the 1950’s.

State-of-the Art Production

Most modern technologies allow WIMA a maximum of production efficiency.